Bounty Hunting Career Information

Like any profession, bounty hunting has its benefits and drawbacks. If you are thinking of becoming a bounty hunter, it may be beneficial to explore the career, the requirements and experience necessary to become a fugitive recovery agent.

One of the benefits of becoming a fugitive recovery agent is the freedom and flexibility of the work schedule. Since bounty hunting is an unconventional profession, it often entails off-peak hours and the freedom to travel to various locations to recover fugitives.

Many bounty hunters also find excitement in the search and recovery of assailants, making it a thrill seeking experience. Other benefits of the profession include the pay scale. If you are a bounty hunter, generally, you receive 10% of the bail bond for every fugitive recovered. Provided the bail bond is high, you can make a lucrative income from recovering fugitives.

On the other hand, bounty hunting or bail enforcement can be dangerous and quite boring. Hours are often spent sitting and waiting while staking out the fugitive’s home and their most frequented places. Usually these fugitives will not return to jail willingly and they may even attempt to harm you. At times, you may find yourself in life-or-death situations.

Becoming a bounty hunter can also be difficult without proper training. Not all states require training or licensing, but it is highly recommended not only for training purposes, but also to learn the necessary bounty hunting skills. Skip tracing and investigation techniques are among the most useful when capturing suspects. These skills are far more effective for capturing fugitives than brute force. In order to capture fugitives, you must first learn how to find them.

Difficulty in bounty hunting can also arise when looking for work. Unlike conventional law enforcement officers like police officers, who are employed by the county or state, bounty hunters are independent agents. If you are interested in becoming a bounty hunter, you must form relationships with bail bond agencies to obtain work.

Most likely, the agency will already have several preferred bounty hunters with proven recovery records. However, if you offer your services at a reduced rate or even for free, you may have the opportunity to build rapport and gain future paid assignments.

There are several agencies that can offer information or provide training courses to help you start your career as a bounty hunter. The National Bail Enforcement Agency offers bail recovery training, membership services, skip training, investigation and recovery classes. The National Institute of Bail Enforcement is the oldest bail enforcement agency that offers bounty hunting training. U.S. Cobra offers a nationally based certification course in bounty hunting.

Famous Bounty Hunters

Several western movies have popularized the bounty hunting profession. Clint Eastwood’s role as a no-name bounty hunter in For A Few More Dollars brought a lot of attention to the industry. Other classic films, books and TV shows popularized bounty hunting. The Star Wars franchise and the MacGyver series have featured prominent bounty hunters. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series features a female bounty hunter in New Jersey.

This attention has more than likely prompted the recent reality shows and movies about bounty hunting. Duane “Dog” Chapman is now a famous bounty hunter thanks to his reality television show chronicling his life as a bounty hunter. Domino Harvey, a female bounty hunter in L.A., had her short life chronicled in the 2005 movie Domino.

Although your own bounty hunting career may not be as glamorous or as exciting as those portrayed in TV, film and books, you can expect to face some of the same challenges and experience some of the same highs and lows.