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If you see yourself playing a role in the criminal justice system, especially in bounty hunting, getting a degree will help prepare you before you enter into the fugitive recovery field.

Getting an overview of the entire criminal justice system, including the judicial court system, criminal law, community and police force relations, legal ethics, probation and parole processes, and forensics, will help you understand the complexities that affect fugitive recovery and bail enforcement. A degree will also allow you to explore many different types of criminal justice fields, in case you decide to try a different career down the road. Many professions stem from a criminal justice degree, including careers in crime scene investigation, policing, working with governmental agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and Border Patrol, as well as coveted criminal justice management careers.

Below is a list of the top schools that offer online criminal justice programs that you can complete from your own home on your own schedule. Get free information from a counselor from these schools before enrolling and make sure that a criminal justice degree and career is right for you.