How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Mississippi

To become a bounty hunter in Mississippi, you must first apply for a license and then seek employment from a bail bond company. Acquiring a license in Mississippi entails some education and training. You can, however, gain knowledge about state bail law in the process and skip tracing skills essential to safe and effective bail enforcement.

Bounty Hunting in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the states with laws having specific provision on bounty hunters. As a fugitive tracker in Mississippi, you are vested some authority to arrest, to request assistance from law enforcement and access to jails or detention facilities for the purposes stipulated in the state statutes. These privileges, however, come with extensive licensing requirements.

Compared to other states, Mississippi has more specific definitions for each worker in the bail bond business including the professional bail agent (bondsman), soliciting bail agent, bail enforcement agent (bounty hunter) and limited and personal surety agent.

Moreover, licenses are only granted to individuals who are not also law enforcement, judicial official and attorneys. The state does not license firms, partnerships associations or corporations as far as bounty hunting is concerned.