How to Become a Bounty Hunter in Ohio

Since 2001, bounty hunting in the state of Ohio has been explicitly regulated by state law. As such, only a law enforcement officer or a qualified, licensed and appointed surety bail bond agent are authorized to arrest fugitives in the state. All others performing the function of bail enforcement agents are subject to arrest.

Bounty Hunter Education

To perform bail enforcement duties in Ohio, you must become a surety bail agent. This requires completion of a training course consisting of at least 20 hours of classwork dedicated to material pertinent to the surety bail bond business, including the insurance laws and a surety agent’s lines of authority.

Surety bail agent training is available through 6 approved programs, 2 of which are self study courses and 4 of which are available at institutions within the state. Once you have completed your training, you are required to pass an examination. Following a passing score, you may act as a bail enforcement agent if you wish, although for many surety bail agents fugitive recovery is optional and contracted out.